Thank You, Ken Wilber!

Recently a debate has bubbled up in more than one LinkIn group discussion about whether a Coach needs a coach in order to be truly excellent in the field of Coaching.

As I read the very strong opinions expressed on both sides of this debate, it is obvious that folks are writing and expressing views from very different definitions of what it means to be a coach. Moreover they are writing from very different world views. The ‘reality’ expressed reflects the observer each is.

This makes me lean back to Ken Wilber and his extraordinary gift for expressing the factors which define us as the observer we are of our reality. I encourage you to visit Wilber’s publications on Amazon and Google and choose anyone. “A Short History of Everything” got me started more than a dozen years ago, and a recent second or third look at Wilber’s writing reminded me of how helpful his writing style is to me. It’s not easy for me to comprehend broad philosophical and spiritual concepts, and his practice of asking a question and framing an answer helps me focus and absorb his thinking. Thank you, Ken Wilber!

For me, Coaching is about learning. Over the years I’ve been a Coach I have continued to learn with those I coach. And perhaps the greatest lessons for me continue to be, Be Open. Trust the Process. Listen. Live in Gratitude.


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